*video coaching client*
Before the session, I had just learned how to edit videos. In fact, I found a tutorial online to do so.

In addition to learning how to add music to the video, I got personal attention, all my questions answered and it took far less time than trying to figure it out on my own. In my world, time really is money and I don’t want to waste a moment so finding experts like DeAnna Troupe to walk me through the process one time, was really efficient and effective.

I will be adding music and sound to all my videos from here on out. It adds a professional dimension that mere words cannot.
I encourage people to hire DeAnna to assist with their video needs. It cuts the learning curve half (or better) and you can go on and do the things you are best at.

Heidi Richards Mooney,
Heidi Richards Mooney

*freelance writing client*

So many call themselves freelancers, and helpers or some sort of resourceful individual and I think you’re the first person I’ve worked w/ in a long time that really is. It’s a breath of fresh air that’s much needed to keep me going on other tasks because I know this stuff will be done.

You are an asset to anyone you work with, I’m sure of that. I’m never going to be able to express enough gratitude for the help you are to me.

Catrina Taylor, Distinguished Press

*freelance writing client*

DeAnna is very reliable. She addressed my inquiries in a timely manner. I recommend her services to others.
Karen Pierce Gonzalez


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