Proper grammar is important. It is important to have an extra pair of eyes review your work before you send it out into the world. I offer editing services to small business owners. Read on for rates and policies.

Editing Rates And Policies


Website Copyediting – $35/hr

Editing Blog posts, articles, press releases (this includes rewriting content) – $25/hr

Editing Ebooks – $30/hr


Payment is due before any project starts. A one hour minimum payment must be made before work is started. If your work winds up taking less time than what you paid for, you will get a refund for whatever is left.

Paypal is the method of payment.

You get 2 free edit requests as long as the requests are made 24 hours from the time the work is turned in. Requests made after the 24 hour period will incur a one hour fee depending on the project rate (refer to rates listed above).

Bulk Prices For Editing Work

If you already know you will need a lot of hours, you can order hours in bulk at a discounted rate.


Ten hours per week $25/hr- $250.00

Ten hours per week (blog posts, press releases, and articles) $20/hr-$200.00

Twenty hours per week $20/hr – $400.00

Twenty hours per week (blog posts, press releases, and articles) $15/hr-$300.00


If you would like to schedule a project, just send an email to deanna (at) or send a message via Facebook.